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All kidding aside...

There has never been a problem with bears at "PANGLOSS" in my 41 years of personal experience. However bear do live in the surrounding woods as do Wolf, Deer, Moose amongst many other proud large Canadian mammals.

Being Bear Safe is largely a matter of simple common sense!






At the cottage:

Don't leave food out for bears
Store garbage in bear-proof containers or inside where bears can't get to it
Garbage should be taken into the town dump at least twice weekly to avoid the buildup of odours
The bones and waste parts of fish and meat give off strong odours. Store them in the freezer until ready to take them to the dump......or burn them in the fire place (when lit)
Keep the BBQ grill free of grease and store inside if possible
Keep pets indoors at night and do not leave pet food out over night


When Hiking:

Stay alert! Overturned rocks or broken-up rotted logs can be signs a bear has been foraging for grubs or insects
Claw marks on trees, tracks in the dirt, bear scat, berries on the ground or fur on the bark of trees are all signs that bears have been in the area
If you smell or see a dead animal leave the area immediately
Make noise as you walk especially in dense brush where visibility may be limited. Talk loudly or sing songs.......even to yourself. Your voice will help bears identify you as human. If a bear hears you coming, it will usually avoid you
Keep all dogs on a leash and under control at all times. While dogs may be helpful in detecting bears they may also provoke a fight with bears and then lead them back to you.


Black Bear Encounters:

It is very unlikely you will encounter a bear or any other large wildlife on your vacation at "PANGLOSS" as bears prefer to avoid people. However, knowing what to do in an encounter is an important part of being BEAR SAFE. (It is important to note that the following information relates only to black bears! Grizzly and Polar Bears behave differently)
If you encounter a Black Bear and want to observe it:
Stand quietly at a distance of at least 10 meters
Do not under any circumstances approach the Bear or offer it food!
If you don't wish to encounter a Black Bear:
Talk loudly and your voice will let bears know you are coming and help them identify you as human
If you spot a Black Bear, and it has not detected you, walk slowly and quietly away from the Bear, returning the way you came
Remain calm and assess the situation
If you are followed by a bear:
Drop your backpack or some other item you are carrying. This may distract the bear allowing you time to get away
It is best not to drop food. If a Bear persists in following you and food is all you have, then drop it
If you get too close to a bear, it may act aggressively. It may run toward you, make blowing or snorting noises, or swat the ground. These signals tell you the Bear wants space. Watch the Bear and back slowly away
If a Black Bear persists in following you, or suddenly knocks you down, FIGHT BACK!!! Wave your arms in the air and make yourself appear as large as possible. Shout. A deep gruff voice can intimidate a bear. Hit the Bear with your fists, sticks, rocks, anything you can
Don't run! A Bear runs faster than an Olympic runner and DON'T climb a tree as Black Bears are excellent climbers
Pepper sprays can be an effective deterrent
How do you know if you have encountered a PROBLEM bear? Remember Cottage county is Bear country too. If you are in no immediate danger, don't worry. It is not unusual for a bear to wander onto the grounds. If you have taken the proper precautions the bear will not find anything of interest and will move on. If the same bear returns again and again to the same site, you may have a problem Bear.

For emergency assistance contact BEAR WITH US R.R. #1 Sprucedale, Ontario P0A 1Y0 Phone #705-658-7830 Pager #705-788-5407



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