James Walke, Guelph landscaperTOTAL GARDENING SERVICES LTD is committed to the Landscape and Horticulture Industry. Our goal is to provide an accurate, honest approach to the needs of today's informed client. In addition to that promise we pledge to continue offering up to date information which can anticipate the needs of our valued customers.

TOTAL GARDENING SERVICES LTD strives to provide an overall out look on today's landscape problems keeping in mind the absolute necessity to preserve our environment. We offer an informative, introspective perspective into Cultural, Biological, and Organic Lawn Maintenance.

As a company TOTAL GARDENING SERVICES LTD realizes that the informed customer of this day and age demands better, more and faster service. Customers are better educated and more informed than ever before. We deal with this by getting to know our valued customers and potential customers better. We realize that it is imperative for us to observe and poll our home owners and business owners to learn and to anticipate the customers' needs and expectations.

TOTAL GARDENING SERVICES LTD realizes that competition is growing faster than ever before. Customers today have many service providers from which to choose, so quality, consistency, honesty and experience become paramount to your ultimate satisfaction and to our very survival.

To address this TOTAL GARDENING SERVICES LTD will personalize and customize the service the customer desires based on individual needs and specifications.