COTTAGE Terms and Conditions

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PANGLOSS is available to rent in weekly units at a cost of $950.00 per week for up to six persons and $1,100.00 per week for up to 10 persons between the months of June and September inclusive. Special rates can be negotiated for off season rentals.

Check in is 3:00 pm Saturday and check out is 10:00 am Saturday.

Due to the abundance of pine and spruce trees on the property out door fires are PROHIBITED at all times on the property! The fire pit is for the use of the owner only

Trees and property are to be left undamaged - do not under any circumstances strip bark off the birch trees - please. Leave only foot prints and take only pictures please.

All bathing and elimination is to take place in either the bathroom or outhouse. Please do not pollute the lake with even soap let alone anything else! ONLY HUMAN WASTE is to go down any of the drains or toilet. Feminine sanitary napkins, pads or tampons, cigarette butts, food scraps etc. are to be disposed of in the garbage or fire place (when lit). Garbage should be stored in the receptacles provided. Under no circumstances should food scraps and garbage be stored in such a manner that it would attract black bears or raccoons (remember this is the wilderness)

Picnic Table Bear. Click here to be bear safe.

The water in the cottage comes from the lake and at times, especially after storms, wind or heavy rain, may appear rather muddy. Drinking water is available at the grocery store in town. DO NOT DRINK LAKE WATER UNTREATED.

Each renter shall bring his person, family, guests, water craft, vehicles, chattels or otherwise upon the cottage property and premises, docks, decks and other wise at his own risk as to fire, theft, accident, collision or otherwise and becoming a renter, specifically waives any liability, responsibility to him, his family, guests for any accidents, personal injury however caused, or damage to chattels or otherwise and saves harmless the current owners of the property from any such injury or accident to person or chattel.


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